Luigi’s Pizza and Pasta Garlic Bread Knots

May 17, 2015

Luigi’s Pizza and Pasta Garlic Bread Knots

There’s some guy on TV representing a chain trying to tell me he knows how to make garlic knots. LOL!!!! It really is that funny. He has a couple of jocks helping him but they’re mispronouncing Garlic Knots.

 I guess that’s some kind of in-joke only it’s not too terribly amusing. Maybe it’s part of their master plan to trick you into ordering some really lame corporate imitation garlic knots. 

In another one of their adverts they have a guy wearing the typical funny hat and silly costume acting like an android while he’s folding pizza boxes.

OK, so I’m thinking they either:

  1. Make their garlic knots in some machine or
  2. They have another guy in a funny hat and silly costume pretending he’s a machine while he’s making their imitation Garlic Knots
  3. It doesn’t really matter because their Garlic Knots are going to taste and chew like one of their pizza boxes, except their pizza boxes don’t have garlic…I think.

If you want real Garlic Knots (AKA Garlic Bread Knots) Luigi’s Pizza and Pasta in Glenside PA. Like everything else at Luigi’s Pizza and Pasta they are made from scratch by hand by our professional pizza makers. No machines, no people wearing funny hats or silly costumes.

No joke, I know a guy who makes at least three weekly Luigi’s Garlic Bread Knots pilgrimages from Fort Washington, PA. Understand, he is only a few minutes away but this customer has panic attacks if he can’t get those Luigi’s Garlic Bread Knots. I’m not making this up.

Other people will order Luigi’s Garlic Bread Knots in addition to an Italian Dinner. In fact, if you order a Family Sized Italian Dinner you can specify whether you want bread and butter or Luigi’s Garlic Bread Knots.

As a single order item you can get Luigi’s Garlic Bread Knots in quantities of three or six.

Go online and order some Italian Take-out from Luigi’s Pizza or Pasta or you can order by calling 215.885.2814.