Online Ordering and Delivery and Luigi’s Pizza and Pasta

May 13, 2015

I’m watching TV the other night and I see some frozen pizza company discussing how easy it is to put their lame, totally cardboard tasting imitation pizza in the oven and how you suddenly have an instant meal. They illustrate their ease-of-use point by showing a delivery driver in his junk-mobile bouncing all over the road and of course, your pizza is bouncing all over the car. Wow, really creative. Can you tell how totally unimpressed I was by their point…

Then there is some chain advertising the ability to order via voice on your smart phone. They even gave it a cute Italian sounding name thinking that will trick you into thinking it’s almost human. From everything I’ve read it sounds like it will slow down the process not speed it up, especially if you do not speak absolutely perfect English. I’m not going to waste time with any dumb jokes or comments about accents or anything else that prevents a person from speaking “perfect” English.

If you really understand this part of the business then you know that speed and accuracy are everything. Actually “Voice-Ordering” sounds like it could be almost as aggravating as so-called “Interactive Voice Response” systems. Y’know, when you have to step through all kinds of menus just so you can reach customer service and 20 minutes later you want to slam your phone against a wall…

At Luigi’s our desktop/notebook real-time online ordering system is simple and fast. From start to finish you can place an order in about a two minutes, maybe three if it’s an extensive order. Mobile is about the same. If you live in Wyncote PA and order some Triple Decker Club Sandwiches for pick-up your order will be ready when you arrive.

If you’re in Upper Dublin PA ordering a Luigi’s Gourmet Pizza for delivery might be the easiest thing you’ll do that entire day. All of our drivers are responsible adults who know what their job is and implicitly understand that delivering your order in a timely professional manner is priority one. Unlike the childish characterization I mentioned in the first paragraph Luigi’s orders are all packed in industrial strength, heavily padded thermal delivery bags.

BTW, for your safety we do NOT store credit card numbers and we are SSL certified and PCI compliant.

To order from Luigi’s Pizza or Pasta click or tap or call 215.885.2814.